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Even Biking Can Be a Pleasure!

July 14, 2020, Tuesday

Hi All,

This is the second installment of my journey on a new approach, for me, in weight loss. I decided to take a fitness trainer online. I found out I have a weakness in my neck that causes both dizziness and a ringing in my ears. So, I have to be very careful of exercises that cause me to use my neck too much.

That being said, I decided to buy a bike in March and was only able to start biking in May. It was very cold and rainy here in Ontario, Canada. When I first started I could barely get on a bike. Actually, I was a bit frightened because I had fallen off of a bigger one (26” wheels) when I was trying bikes. Because I’m short I realized I needed a bike (24” wheels) for a slightly shorter person. I am five feet tall, and looked for a dealer who could find a bike where I could get on and off with my feet flat on the ground. Also, where if I had to stop suddenly, I could put my feet on the ground immediately to balance without falling over. I didn’t realize that it would be so hard to find. Most of the bikes that worked for me were kids bikes or mountain bikes. I just wanted to stay on paved paths or streets.

I did find a bike but it was a fortune. I had tried Kijiji but the only bike I found at the time, the owner did not call me back so that was a bust. I like my new bike but found balancing on it was a challenge at first. It’s been four months later and I have gone from barely able to ride for five minutes to, now, I can ride up to fifty minutes with small breaks to re-hydrate and recover. It felt like a long journey from purchase to practice. I like to go fast and look at new sites so the bike was a good choice for me in the end and I have stronger legs and feel better. It has not helped in weight loss as of yet but I feel fitter and that's conducive to trying new things and changing old habits.

Back to my fitness trainer. She’s a young girl with experience with more mature clients and has shown me some real mobility exercises that work if practiced each day. I have not done it as much as I wanted to because of my weight and my neck problem but I intend to do more and I have enrolled for some half-an-hour lessons each week from July to August. I don’t want to give up just because it’s a bit of a challenge right now.

So, I feel the money is worth it. To me, it’s an investment in my health just like the bike. I did

explain to them that I am a senior and can’t afford their highly expensive training sessions. They accommodated me in lowering the price and modifying the exercises for my personal condition. I am pleased at my progress though it is modest right now.

I strongly recommend that more mature individuals develop a mobility program to keep joins and limbs moving freeing. I found when I did this the stiffness in my back eased and I am not so aware of getting out of bed, favoring my back. Also, I move more freely. I walk more freely and I can exercise more freely. I feel much better but I recognize its a journey.

For example, one mobility exercise she taught me is a chest exercise. I use a large elastic band and stretch it, holding it in both hands, as I move my hands apart horizontally I stretch the band across my chest. This strengths my arms and uses my chest muscles to improve, what is often, a weak area of the body. I do two to three sets of ten reps.

In my previous life, I was a physical education teacher and fitness trainer so I understand the dynamics of the exercise. Later, she asked me to stretch out my chest muscles by standing in a doorway, placing my arms against each post of the door with my arms pressing against the frame and my hands pointed upward and my elbows bent. Then I gently step forward to stretch out the pectoral muscles in my chest. Press forward further as the muscles relax.It works but a picture is worth a thousand words.

I suggest you try it and find other exercises on google. There are many of them and you can choose the ones that work best for you in your place of mobility and physical condition.

Well, I’ll let you know how I’m doing in a week. I hope you are continuing on your journey to better health as well. Remember, don’t give up, get mad and keep going!

I would love to hear about your personal journey towards better health!

Until next time! Xenia

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