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Where the Rubber Hits the Road

Have you ever noticed when you first resolved--that New Year’s day, to change so many things in your life? Then, it is half way through January and already that resolve is slipping?

Well, I decided that 2020 was going to be my slim year. I am losing pounds I have hung onto for years. My resolve was total New Years day! But, now it’s not so easy and old habits are creeping back in. Like eating desserts or Arby’s or King Buffet. You know, your favourite restaurants. Just this once. Then, another once. And again, another once.

Let me share my journey. I just ate a delicious pizza yesterday. I found this amazing pizzeria and it’s close to the full bodied pizzas in Montreal way back when. But, the day before I had an Arby’s double beef sandwich with curlie fries. Yum! Then I had gone with my close friend and indulged in King Buffet with all the trimmings including forbidden dessert. Ho hum.

Well, I guess I have a choice to make. Continue in my decision on New Years day or proceed down the path of returning to old habits and remain at my current weight.

To let you know, I weighted 196 last New Years and this one I weight in at 185. That’s eleven pounds and not to be made little of. But gee, I want to loss so much more. So, I have my trusty journal in hand, my scale and NEW resolve to return to the decision I made in the new year.

I have to look to the future. To my goal of looking trim again. Of not feeling fat and embarrassed at my weight. My bottom protrudes too much and my waist is definitely not my young 35 inches. You guess what it is now. But, I chose not to give up or get discouraged. I will return to my New Years resolve, set my face like a flint to focus on my weight loss goals. I chose to strive for the mark of the high calling of my intention to really reach my goal one pound at a time. After all I did reduce to 185 pounds which felt out of my reach before.

It’s amazing how a little success helps you along your journey, whatever the goal may be. Perhaps, it may be going back to school or taking online courses. It may be getting fitter by walking or going to the gym. I have a home gym with some equipment I bought here and there. Some from garage sales. Others from Walmart. An exercise bench. Some free weights in several sizes. A rubber band and a large inflated ball. Little things, that when used properly go a long way in trimming your muscles and getting them moving again. More strength is a good thing.

Today is a new day. I like to give thanks to my Creator for my new day because he blesses me and get’s my day started on the right footing. It’s a good day even if it’s raining or snowing outside. I can plan my day and include some restful meditation, a little exercise and a lot of love spread around to all I come in contact with.

So, don’t give up! Life is too short. Strive today to do what you slipped in doing yesterday. Come with me into tomorrow. Arm in arm we can conquer the challenges of this new day.

I look forward to hearing from you because I care.


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